Carpet Cleaning

The certified professionals at Red Star Restoration will deliver top-notch carpet cleaning service at a moment's notice in the North Haven, CT, area.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Overview IN NORTH HAVEN, CT

When properly cleaned and maintained, a carpet goes a long way in trapping allergens and keeping them away from breathing zones. But if the carpet becomes too saturated with dirt and germs, these toxins can be released back into the air when unsettled by footsteps. The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) recommends that a carpet be professionally deep-cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months.

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Our Process

At Red Star Restoration, it’s our mission to exceed your expectations with cleaning and restoration services that will leave you feeling beyond satisfied. This dedication to top-notch service is the driving force behind our six-step carpet cleaning process, which is designed to get deep into carpet fibers to remove the dirt, allergens and contaminants that even the best vacuum or store-bought carpet cleaner leave behind. We even groom and fully dry your carpets when the cleaning is complete, and we can clean your other upholstered surfaces as well.

After we are done cleaning, your carpets and area rugs will never be cleaner or look better than they do after our services.


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Benefits Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

First Impressions

From business prospects to employees, everyone wants to walk into a clean office. Start from the ground up with a freshly cleaned rug or carpet.

Protect The Life Of Your Floor

Salt, sand, dirt, spills and debris can stain and degrade the fibers in your floor coverings. Routine, professional cleaning will help maintain your carpets for years to come.

Keep Your Employees, Customers, and Family Healthy

Routine carpet and rug cleaning helps remove unhealthy contaminants and allergens from your business.