Who We Are

Call Red Star Restoration for all your water, fire, mold or biohazard restoration needs in the North Haven, CT area.

Who We Are

Red Star Restoration is a premier cleaning and restoration company here in Connecticut. From disaster restoration to general cleaning services, Red Star Restoration is here to help! We offer a host of cleaning services as well as our rapid response team to disasters like water- or fire-damaged homes. Carpet and upholstery cleaning services, as well as air duct cleanings, are a specialty for us that we pride ourselves in here at Red Star Restoration.

First Responder Services

  1. Mold Removal - handles the remediation of mold, including the removal of affected materials. We work with independent, licensed mold hygienists who can run mold tests.
  2. Water Removal - relates to the removal of water or residue from leaks, spills, or floods.
  3. Structure Cleaning - involves the cleaning of surfaces with smoke damage.
  4. Packouts and Packbacks - when water or fire damage requires contents to be cleaned, categorized, recorded, and stored either onsite or at our facility or storage of your choice if nearer.
  5. Air Ducts and HVAC - includes coil cleaning to remove and treat mold.
  6. Emergency Disaster Recovery - for natural disaster victims to the removal affected materials before mold sets in and to provide emergency drying and dehumidifcation.

What We Do

We believe in doing things the right way, the first time. We use 100% organic cleaning products in our restoration efforts and are compliant with OSHA regulations. With more than 20 years of combined experience, we can handle all types of water and fire restoration jobs, as well as mold remediation and reconstruction services, for residential and commercial properties.

Our History

We have over 15 years of experience and have a staff of fully certified and trained technicians to help you in your time of need.